VP at a global company based in Europe.


with 15 years and 5000+ hours experience speaking, presenting and facilitating in 47 countries

(yes, I counted ;))


with clients in over 25 countries and 250+ hours of coaching experience.

...and when there's time

also photographer! 📸

"Your emails are such a great consolation. Thank you for sharing, for being this open.

For letting me know I am not the only one and giving me the confidence that I will be fine…

Your attitude is inspiring.

Looking forward to the next one!"

Subscriber from

The Netherlands

"I LOVE this, Jeanette!! Wonderful!

Love the way you shine a light on the pernicious side effects of this topic.

And what’s possible on the other side. Nice!!"

Subscriber from


"I love your work. Really looking forward to receiving your emails"

Subscriber from

New Zealand

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